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Bottom Up Roller Blinds

Bottom up blinds or top down blinds are the common terms used to describe a roller blinds where the fabric rised up from the floor rather than downwards. Typically these blinds are used for a greater balance of privacy and natural light where inward visibility through windows at ground level is not desired. Also a modern alternative to traditional free hanging roller blinds

We have installed different types of bottom up blinds to suit customer designs and budgets. Here are a list of the various bottom up blinds:

Bottom Up Roller Blinds

We usually supply and install a manually controller bottom up roller blind fitted to the floor and controlled via a cord guided by pulleys. The roller blind can be contained within a metal box on the ground (to keep dust free and protect from damage). A continuous cord loops around the blind and is tied to a cleat fitted on the side walls.

The bottom up roller blind is lept under spring tension (large spring within the roller blind tube) so that when the roller blind is lowered, it winds back onto the roll and stores neatly out of the way.

Electric Bottom Up Roller Blinds

This electric bottom up roller blinds system can be setup using an electric motor combined with a spring tension roller or two electric motors working together to maintain tension in the roller blinds fabric and allow electric operation of the roller blind fabric up and down, one such design is illustrated below.

Bottom Up Roller Blind
Bottom Up Pleated Blinds

The pleated blinds are guided in a similar manner to the bottom up roller blinds using a cord and pulleys to lower and raise the pleated blinds. The pleated blinds can also used two transparent nylon cords running through the fabric to keep the fabric running straight up or down. These can also be operated via a detachable cord or wand for high level windows

Low costs or Budget Bottom Up Blinds

A less complicated design can be created for temporary or limited use situations. We can simply supply a spring loaded roller blind and use a mixture eyelets and hooks to secure the roller blind in position. The blind would be secured at the base of the window and lifted up by hand and latched on to supplied hooks. This also works for triangular or custom window shapes and is a low cost solution

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