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Many modern office buildings and homes are designed with large glazed panels that can often be 3-6m wide without supporting mullions dividing the glazing. The majority of window blinds on the market are available between 2m and 3m wide for very good reasons that are explained below.

There are a couple of technical difficulties to overcome when making wide blinds:

* Fabric is usually made on a 1.4m, 1.8m or 2m wide roll of fabric therefore any blind over 2m in width or drop would require larger fabric or a fabric join

* Standard hardware which includes roller blind tubes, vertical and venetian blinds chord mechanisms aren't designed to cope with wider, heavier weight products and the controls aren't often suitable.

* The majority of couriers can only take 2.5m wide blinds. Installation of large blinds also requires two people

Further to the information provided above, what makes Finnestra Shading different and how do we overcome the issues raised above?


We have a provent track record of supplying and installation a wide variety of larger blind system. The average roller blind tube is 28-32mm in diameter. For blinds wider than 2.5m the tube starts to deflect in the middle causing the fabric to crease and roll incorrectly up and down the tube.

To combat this we have tube diameters available from 19mm to 110mm allowing us to make blinds comfortably above 5m wide.

We can also customise each blind to suit exact specifications. Power coating to any colour, fabricating brackets or covers to any design. Helping architects in the planning stage to hide blinds when not in use, all services offered by Finnestra.


Further more there are practical aspects to operating large blinds. The standard gearing used on roller, venetian and vertical blinds is designed to snap (for safety reasons) and can't cope with heavier weight and operation of blinds. Control methods to combat this include lower ratio gears (like riding a bike up a steep hill, lower gears, faster pedalling but safe progress that will allow one to reach the top!)

Other controls includes crank handle, spring operated, electric motor. These can be integrated into a new or existing home or office automation system or controlled individually using a wireless transmitter, timer or solar control.


Further to the bullet points above, the majority of fabric is available in limited roll widths. We have relationships with international and european manufactures that provide us with the very best fabrics available in fabric widths from 2.5m, 3.1m and 5m. This often allow us to make blinds to suit most situations as the fabric can be turned to avoid joins. Some designed can't be turned so we simply weld the fabric together.

Ask about Wide Blinds

Contact us with your enquiry by email, ideally with a couple of photographs of the location, a floor plan and any particular requirements you have e.g. fabrics - sheer, dimout, blackout, sunscreen, privacy. Control - link to existing, manual, electric, automatic.

On receipt of your enquiry, we are always able to provide a quick response and budget prices. Following that, samples and a site visit can be arranged.


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